MY HEART:  An epicenter for Daoist arts and culture, Wudang is a vast mountain range located in Hubei, China.  It is a long favored destination for wandering Daoist adepts.




MY LIFE:  Packed with meaning, 'Wen' symbolizes art, culture, philosophy, and practice; it also stands for maturity, growth, transformation, and evolution.  




 MY METHOD Beyond the flashy fists and kicks, one's will, determination, and spirit are tempered in the flames of practice, creating space for ones true potential to arise. 




   In the Daoist tradition, some adepts choose to step beyond the temple walls to expand their knowledge, further their understanding, and share their experience with the world.  While deep in the sacred mountains, practice can beget great fruit - but the capacity to foster that potential amidst the struggles of common living is a challenge like none other.  For one to attain a clean heart and clear mind can be priceless, but the true wealth of spiritual understanding can only be measured by the extent through which it can be practiced and shared.